Snow Guardians off to the film festivals

Snow Guardians off to the film festivals

Its been a busy year for us… we have an amazing cut complete for Sundance and Banff film festivals and more.  All this could not be done with your Kickstarter support and from our Sponsors Arc’TeryxAdobeG-TechKessler Crane and many more!




We have had some amazing assistance from master colorist Robbie Carman who literately wrote the book on color grading.  We also had Cheryl Ottenritter fromOttHouse Audio work the audio and sound engineering.

Visual effects artist Doug Koke from Site 07 did some magic on our VFX, titles and credits.




The kung fu editors Jason Diamond and Josh Diamond did the master finishing cut after co-producer, senior  editor and story Karl Swingle did his magic on more than 6 Terabytes of footage and interviews.






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