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Be a part of making a film by donating a few dollars to contribute to the documentary. The production costs of shooting a film quickly add up. Without your help we could not pay for production insurance, travel, crew, cameras, equipment costs which quickly adds up to well over $40,000 in expenses.

We need your help to pay for travel, outreach, equipment, bandwidth, crew, post production and basic operational needs.

Please go to our Kickstarter page to donate: CONTRIBUTE TO THE FILM HERE

Corporate Sponsorship & Advertising

In addition to the documentary, a separate behind the scenes film with be shot in parallel. The behind the scenes capture will be integrated into daily filming and will be used to highlight the abilities of a new breed of small, digital broadcast cameras, HDDSLR and digital encoding technologies. Weekly blog updates will be posted on a production website, allowing followers to track the progress and learn from the behind the scene,  We will be writing articles detailing the cold weather clothing, camera equipment, software and techniques used to shoot our film.

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